Event agencies: Saving you from DIY event nightmares

“Can’t I just do it myself?”

For growing businesses who are starting to scale up, the idea of bringing in an events agency can be daunting. After all, start ups are used to having a make-do attitude and managing a lot of projects in-house using their existing people power.

But after a certain point, this is false economy. Planning events is not only time consuming, but also a complex and often stressful process.

Things can easily go wrong with an inexperienced project team, and it’s hard to avoid common and expensive mistakes this way. DIY events can become a bit of a nightmare to plan in-house.

Resistance to outsourcing often comes from a place of fear. Fear of loss of control of the project and fear of escalating costs.

Fear doesn’t help businesses grow, however. And start ups who can start thinking big, and start harnessing the power of a trusted events agency are setting themselves up for success.

Here’s five ways that small businesses can benefit from working with events agencies


Events agencies have the expertise and experience to plan and execute successful complex events. They have dedicated teams to handle every aspect of event planning, from conceptualisation and budgeting to logistics and production. With no distractions of other work demands, agencies live and breathe events everyday.


Planning an event is time-consuming, especially for small businesses that have limited resources. Event management agencies can help save time by allowing small business owners to focus on their core business activities. Experts in events also know how to get project tasks completed quicker, and use established planning templates and vendor relationships to ensure efficient project management.


Events agencies have established relationships with suppliers, which can help small businesses save money on many aspects of their event from venue hire to catering to branded gifts.


Events agencies have a creative team that can come up with innovative ideas that can help small businesses stand out and differentiate themselves from competitors. They know what works and are in-tune with the latest technologies and event format to make sure your event is moving with the times.


Organising an event can be stressful, but with an events agency, small businesses can be assured that everything will run smoothly without you having to be involved in every tiny aspect of the planning. Agencies take care of the details to ensure that the event is a success, freeing small business owners from worry and stress.

As an agency, “can’t we just plan this ourselves?” isn’t an uncommon question to be asked. And the answer is yes, you absolutely could plan it yourself. But its the hardest path to choose, and is a missed opportunity to ensure that your investment in your event get the best possible return.

Whether you’re just looking for a few ideas, or need someone to take the reins on your event from end-to-end, Vodka on Toast offer a service that is highly bespoke to your needs and your budget.

Working with Vodka on Toast feels professional yet personal; focused yet fun. Book a discovery call here!


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