Sustainability and Environmental Policy

One Earth. One chance. Our choice.

We like to do what we can to make the world a better place and believe that it’s our individual and collective responsibility as an industry to contribute to positive change. Here’s a few of the ways in which we are trying to make Vodka on Toast, and the events we organize more sustainable.

Our business

As a remote-first organization we don’t use resources running an office or commuting into work each day. Instead we focus on running the business online, using cloud-based programmes for event management and holding virtual meetings whenever possible.

We’re committed to reducing the use of plastic and paper, and if we do have to buy office suppliers we look for options to hire instead of buy, and ensure what we do get is made from sustainable materials.

We ensure we keep ourselves educated on the latest developments in sustainability to put ourselves in the best position to run an environmentally-friendly business and to best advise our clients on their events being green too.

Our events

In every client proposal, we’ll present you with options for ways to make your event more planet-friendly. From going paper and plastic-free, vegan menus and offsetting the carbon footprint of your travel plans, there’s always something you can do to minimize the impact your event has on the environment. If you’d like to chat to us about how to make your next event more sustainable, we’d be happy to share some ideas for free – Book a call